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Whether you are a jobseeker, recruiter, hiring manager, networker or just want to help, there is plenty of space at the Talent Pool Party.

Get The Word Out

Talent Pool Party is a reverse job board! Unlike Google Sheets and Airtable, you control all your own data, so you choose when and what to display about yourself.

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Resources to Keep Growing

Learning new skills can make your resume glow and get you more $$$! We have tons of resources for learning Analytics, Automation, Software Development, UI/UX, and more!

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Find the Support You Need

Once you have created your profile, you'll gain direct access to a network of recruiters, hiring managers, and other guests. Resume a little dated? Interview skills feeling rusty? Talent Pool Party helps you network with the experienced professionals who can get you up to speed!

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A Guest List Preview

Our tables are easily sorted, paginated, and searched. Did we mention DATA SECURITY?

Jobseeker Email Department Last Company Last title Desired role Linkedin Will relocate State Country Open remote work Visa Support
Ryan Leblanc jeffreyjackson@example.org Product Perez-King Product Manager 👍 NC USA 👍 -
Ricardo Reese markschmidt@example.org Operations Barajas, Reed and Washington Technical Support Specialist 👍 CA USA 👍 -
Teresa Simpson amandalester@example.net Software Development Daniels, Compton and Ray Principal SDE 👍 WA USA 👍 -
Michelle Hernandez brian10@example.org Marketing Rios LLC Copywriting Lead NY USA 👍 -
Jasmine Allen christophercollins@example.net Information Technology Webster-Hernandez Staff Software Engineer / Team Lead / Architect GA USA -

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